Not-so Dysfunctional Designs

Dysfunctionality DDD_002I posted about one of my favourite designers earlier, Chiana Oh. One of the things that I love about her is the way that she reduces the prim counts of her products to as low as possible. I can remember the days before sculpties and mesh, when you could just about manage to create and decorate a single room on a 512 parcel. And even then it was a stretch.

Dysfunctionality DDD_003
Vile Chapel Hamlet

These days it’s so much easier, and with designers like Anke Hatchuk (Dysfunctionality) it’s a pleasure to build a parcel. I recently bought a parcel in Vile Chapel and wondered what it was going to be. I’ve used some of the things that Anke makes quite a lot, but never as the primary decoration. That all changed after I visited the Dysfunctionality inworld store.

Vile Chapel is an indeterminate timeframe parcel. Not completely mediaeval, but with a definite slant. This was entirely due to the fact that I looked around Dysfunctionality and kept saying “that’s gorgeous, I have to have it!”

Considering the ridiculously low prims, low price and high quality, I really like the Vile Chapel hamlet. And I’ve moved a bunch of time travelling NPCs in there, just to smooth over the many anachronisms.Dysfunctionality DDD_001

Dysfunctionality designs:
Marketplace Store


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