Oh Chiana!

By Chiana Oh_002
Because: Owls, a fun and beautiful piece of 3D Wall Art.

I have a couple of parcels of land that I play on. I like to build various types of areas, but one constant that I’ve had is Proud Ankylosaur, the Second Life Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness Centre. I received a lot of great feedback from a friend who also donated some pretty things to improve the feel of the centre. So I gave her some space in the centre.

By Chiana Oh_004But she has her own store, By Chiana Oh! and sells some gorgeous things. I use some of her creations at the centre, but also in my home. In particular I have her dresser, dotty about plates set and jug of daffies in the centre. I also have her origami cranes and boats tealight sets floating on my pool at Temporia Prime.

So, if you’re looking for some pretty, low prim items to make your home even more beautiful, then I can highly recommend her!

By Chiana Oh! Blog By Chiana Oh_003
Marketplace Store (limited stock, visit inworld for the full range).
Inworld store SLURL


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