Cheap, but not nasty.

AdN_001It’s probably not apparent just yet, but I have a bit of a thing for clothes. Not just in SL, but in RL too!

I’d like to introduce those people who haven’t heard of her to Adabetha Nayl. She’s the designer who runs AdN designs. Most of her clothes are priced between L$99-L$250. So, for the price of a single item of clothing you can get a full outfit!

There’s a huge variety in her range, clothing that’s suitable for urban/streetwear, casual and smart. She also has some outfits that are fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk-ish. With over 200 mens outfits AdN is a good place to get started. She’s been running for a while now, so some of her older designs are showing their age technology wise (the older clothes are layers with prim attachments), but her mesh designs are really well made and I’ve never had a problem with the fit.AdN_002

Her mainstore is huge, with plenty of space. It’s also rather busy so I try to stick to the Marketplace. But she keeps plenty of special offers available inworld, so it’s worth popping over for a visit. I’m afraid that we gents are relegated to the back, but we have a dedicated room!

AdN Designs:
Inworld SLURL
Facebook group


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