Smart doesn’t have to be boring.

RSC_003Geek Chic is big at the moment, it’s been the first time I’ve been even remotely fashionable in years!

The thing I love about Second Life is that there are content creators who are willing to allow us to express our geeky side. One of those creators is Rachel Swallows Creations.

She only has a small men’s range, but I love the suits that she creates. They’re all one piece suits so they’re really easy to change and she includes a HUD to change the style quickly and easily – which is always a bonus. It’s like getting multiple suits for the price of one. And at L$99 each you really can’t go wrong.

RSC_002Plus, as a Whovian, I absolutely adore the Vintage Who Suit (the featured image at the top). It’s based on the exploding TARDIS painting from the episode Vincent and the Doctor and just makes me smile when I wear it.

RSC (Rachel Swallows Creations)
Inworld SLURL


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