In A Quandry

I like to build parcels, it’s the main reason why I like Second Life. Although I can’t create (my talents don’t lend themselves to Blender, Photoshop or even anything more than basic prim manipulation), I still love to make things from the creations of others.

One thing that I often do is make a Sci-fi parcel. And when I do I usually turn to Bash Quandry’s creations. When I first saw them all those years ago I was in awe. And, although there’s been huge leaps in technology since, (yes, I’m looking at you mesh!) his creations still stand out as near perfect examples of old future tech.

Out of one tiny rez box flies a plethora of pieces that just look like unfinished parts. Until you see it, a huge space station with multiple decks. They’re all on a theme of round, but they have landing pads, docking bays (with working airlocks) and living pods. The bigger stations have hangars and areas that can rez different configurations to match your needs. All in a slightly distressed style that make you feel that it’s seen better days.

I have a few of his stations, and love spending the time decorating them. He hasn’t been around much recently, and I haven’t seen anything new from him. But I’m living in hope that he’ll come back soon!


Quandry Industries
Inworld SLURL


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