It’s All Faire In Fantasy.

I decided to try out the Fantasy Faire as they had an interesting twist on the hunt. It’s a quest rather than a normal hunt. For a small donation to RFL (L$250 or L$350) you’re given a HUD, if you opt for the higher value pack then you also get a costume to wear.

quest-10The story is well written, with a few cutscenes. The HUD works well and you’re given gifts throughout the story. The only downsides I found were that the sims get quite busy at peak times causing some lag and the fact that the Warrior was changed to the Woodcutter.

The sims are beautiful and I’m definitely going to be revisiting them, even if just to look at the shops! On the subject of the shopping, the designers have pulled out all of the stops and created some beautiful items. Not just for selling. The hoard that’s waiting for you at the end of the quest is absolutely huge! One word of warning, like everything in Second Life, there’s a definite bias towards womenswear rather than the men.

But looking at the quality of the goods on offer, the things that are there more than make up for the number. And, as you can see from the images below, there are some beautiful items. (I’d say that there was at least 50+ gifts at the end of it and I’ve kept at least 60%-70% of them!)

In conclusion, do you want to donate to a good cause? Play an interesting fantasy HUD based game? Explore some of the most beautiful Sims in Second Life? Or walk away with hoards of swag? Well, Fantasy Faire 2016 is the place for you!

(This page will be updated as I revisit the individual sims):
Bright Haven
Fairelands Junction
Sapphire Mirror Lake
The Golden Delta
Tinker’s Hollow
Twilight Illusion


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