An Angel Revisited

I went on the MOH7 (Men Only Hunt 7) to see if I could find some new designers. It’s been a while since I went hunting. I’ve found a few new stores that I’ll probably be revisiting in future posts.

But today I want to look at Gabriel again. I remember visiting it years ago, shortly after sculpties moved into the Second Life fashion industry. They haven’t stopped creating beautiful and detailed clothing. So, on my way around the Hunt I bought myself a new mesh Tuxedo. (I didn’t realise that my tuxedos were all standard layers and sculpties until I saw it and checked my inventory!)

Granted, they’re not the cheapest option. But they’re by no means expensive, and when you’re getting outfits that are this level of quality – they’re absolutely worth it!

I couldn’t find a Marketplace store for them, which is probably why they’ve flown under my radar for so long. I do a lot of shopping while commuting and the MP is a great way to kill time! But they have plenty of stuff available in their Inworld Store and it’s a pleasant environment for shopping.


Inworld store SLURL


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