The Twilight of the Illusion.

You know when something feels like it’s going to last for ages, and then you reach the end and it feels like it’s flown over? That’s what the Fantasy Faire 2016 has felt like for me.

I spent yesterday gathering a shed load of pictures of the various Fairelands so that I can remember the awesome and amazing sights I’ve seen. So as the Fairelands disappear into memory, I have something to remind me of the visions I saw.

Twilight Illusion had a heaven and hell feel to it. With the high, white buildings in the clouds and stairs leading down to the dark, red half, plant roots breaking the path waiting to trip the unwary traveller.

I must admit that this wasn’t one of my favourite sims, but I could definitely appreciate the hard work. It just felt like too much in such a small place. I would have preferred it separated as that would have given it the space it deserved to really capture my imagination.



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