Echtra, It’s Not Just The Sound Of A Sneeze

When I arrived in Echtra and saw the rain falling through the rough wooden buildings I was wowed. It reminded me of Skyrim. But not just because it was a Viking inspired village, the quality of the buildings and the decor was amazing. It was another example of why the Fantasy Faire 2016 showed just what great designers can do in Second Life.

Built on a hill leading to the Mead Hall, the triangular buildings standing imposing on raised wooden platforms. Walking up the hill you walked past the statue of a little prince. Echtra had its own experience that was running alongside the main Faire quest. I didn’t take part, but I have a feeling that it was probably amazing. Mostly because the rest of the village was!

But they didn’t just create the village, walking down beyond the wooden walls there was a stone circle and beautiful waterfall too.

(Oh, and hedgehogs, I love the hedgehogs!)


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