Confusion Over Comox

I was convinced that I’d written a piece about [SYS] before, and then when I looked I realised that I hadn’t. So I’m doing this one the opposite way around, I’m going to write a focus piece on Comox and then link in the main [SYS] piece later.

I went for a trip to Men Only Monthly which is always a nice place to visit for some new ideas. [SYS] had a stall (she also has a small store in the Men Only District) to promote the new range of trousers and vests, Comox.

SYS Comox_006The trousers are great. For only L$290 you get a detailed, beautifully textured pair of trousers, with flaps and other interesting details strewn around them. Unfortunately I don’t think that they work very well with full length tops, but bare-chested or cropped/open tops work quite well.

Speaking of tops, I’m not sure about the vest. There’s some clipping issues with the trousers and the alpha texture provided doesn’t completely cover the torso, meaning that some poses cause further clipping with the body. But it’s only L$190 and it’s fitmesh so theoretically the clipping issues should be less than standard mesh clothing. Like the trousers, the fabric and patterns are beautiful though, so I’m sure that it’ll go with lots of your other clothes!

Neither of them are currently showing on the Marketplace, so probably best to go and visit the [SYS] Mainstore. The Comox set itself doesn’t appear in the store so you’ll need to click on the LM giver in the Events hut at the landing zone if Men Only Monthly has been reset by the time you visit.


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