[SYS] tem Addict

[SYS] is one of my favourite designers on the grid. Systi Cisse, like Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S, creates some amazing clothes. With more than a nod to the Alternative and Cyber crowd she was the first designer that I found who had created a mesh skirt for men. And, even better, it was a contemporary, modern design, rather than being made for a fantasy setting!

I’m neither trans nor do I use an opposite gender avatar. (I have no issues with those who want that experience, it’s just not me.) But I do have an issue in both RL and SL with gendered clothing. In particular the idea that a skirt emasculates men. Women can wear trousers with a minimum of fuss, but men can’t wear skirts.

Anyway, moving away from my equality and diversity rant, [SYS] don’t subscribe to this belief. The main question seems to be “does it look great?” and the answer for everything that I’ve bought up to now is a resounding Yes!

Inworld SLURL



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