This Town, Is Coming Like A Ghost Town

I visited a Ghost Town today. It’s been running since October last year and is a joint venture between MadPea and Firestorm Viewerto use as an introduction to new players. It’s quite dark and atmospheric, although you might want to play with your Environment Settings changed. I played using a Fixed Sky and the Funky Funky environment. But it’s always fun to just have a play around!

The story is quite self-explanatory, and you’ll be provided with an experience request for MadPea if you haven’t already given permissions in the past. If you have then you’ll get a new HUD attach itself to the top-left HUD slot and away you go. Basically, you’ve found your way to the last home of a serial killing fisherman called Big Jimmy. He killed 20 people and you’re going to play at being a ghostbuster.

Don’t worry about crossing the streams though, all you need to do is take a picture of them using your super, magic camera (which, for some unknown reason, pretends it’s a video camera). Once you’ve collected all 20 ghosts you’ll be given a key to the secret treasure room which has prizes by MadPea (obviously!), Sn@tch, LaPointe & BastChilde, Junk and more!


MadPea Ghost Town
Prizes (found in the Prize Room at the end!)

Ghost Town_009


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