I’m sorry for the delay in posting. It’s been a bit busy in my RL recently and I’ve been working on the Proud Ankylosaur blog. I wrote a piece to discuss my reaction to the fallout of the Pulse Orlando tragedy and then discovered that Second Pride had returned.

I visited the new site and must admit, I was more than a little surprised. Back when I ran the AIDS Memorial Garden I remember Second Pride. 6 sims filled with people, stores, the Names Project running a virtual AIDS Memorial Quilt, support groups and education. As well as entertainment, DJs, musicians and meetings. I found a couple of images from back in the day…

And now? Now I’ve found two sims, the Second Pride HQ (which I visited a couple of months ago and was waiting for the actual Pride Celebration to start before blogging about it), and Second Pride South, a square filled with the room for shops, with only 2/3 filled. A fairground was available and there’s an art gallery space but all in all I can only say: “How hath the mighty fallen?” Quite a bit I would say…

Second Pride:
Inworld SLURL


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