Checking The Pulse

Pulse Orlando

I visited the Pulse Fundraiser, a pop-up mall designed to raise funds for the victims and families of the Pulse tragedy (I wrote about my reaction to it, and about gay pride in general over on the Proud Ankylosaur blog). It looked like it was a full sim dedicated to stalls raising funds for the cause.

Some of the names that I’ve already discussed (like by Chiana Oh! and Gabriel Designs) were there, but there were a lot more stores that I hadn’t seen before. The availability of men’s clothing was extremely limited however, I only saw Gabriel and a company called Cosmic Dust (who I’ll be visiting very shortly!) there on the menswear front, with a couple of other stores offering one or two items. But there were also a few stores showcasing plenty of Home and Garden items for sale.

Most of the stores had created special items for the cause, some had recoloured items (and I’m fine with that), but there was a couple of stores that I have noted and won’t be visiting. Not only did they just put what appeared to be their usual stock out, but the images on the boxes were clearly the general images they used. With M-F couples cuddling and kissing on every single one I kind of felt that they’d missed the point.

Yes, Bisexuality is real, and there are plenty of my friends who are in M-F/M-T/F-T/T-T/Poly and other relationships. However, in a sim dedicated to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community after a tragedy the scale of Pulse, I would have expected to see a more visual representation of solidarity.  But that’s just my opinion.

There’s also a huge number of Auction boards available with people who are willing to donate their services to the person with the highest bid. Have a look at them and see what you thing. I saw photographers, magazine writers, content creators and more!

The Sim is only open for a couple of weeks, so if you want to visit here’s the SLURL. If you’re a parcel owner who wants to help then CasperTech have a one-prim donation board on sale on the MarketPlace (it’s free) that you can set up on your land. It seems to be the official unofficial donation tool.


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