I’m Not One To Skirt The Issue 

BTTB Titzuki_003
The Future Has No Gender

I touched on my opinions on gendered clothing back when I wrote about [sYs]. I was a Goth back in the mid 90s and have been gay for most of my life. This meant that I had quite a slap-dash attitude to gendered clothing. I used to wear skirts and dresses, make up and nail varnish. But I was never trans. I didn’t want to be a woman, nor did I want to look like one. I’ve never questioned my gender (I’m a cis-male and am fine with that).

I did however like the look and feel of skirts, I liked the way that make-up could accentuate or detract from my features. I described myself as a gay man in a dress. That was all there was to it. But even in these more open times this demographic isn’t really catered for. (Male clothing in general is extremely poorly catered for in SL, looking at the Marketplace today, out of the 1,715,885 items of gendered clothing available only 262,801 are for men. That’s just 15%!)

But today I found Boys To The Bone (by Jacques Valentine) and Titzuki (by Titzuki Yuitza). These guys have designed some fantastic clothes that cross that line perfectly, allowing me to dress my avatar in the clothes I want to without changing him into a female or making me into a femboy. It’s also meant that I’m starting to get a better idea about my character for Helior Prime.

I still like all the other stuff that I buy, I just like having the choice between suits, jeans, shorts and skirts. So, after buying a bunch of stuff and feeling quite sexy, I dusted off my Exposeur (don’t worry – I’ll be writing about them soon!) pose prop – Red Light Showcase – and pulled together a few photos of some of their work!

Boys To The Bone/Titzuki
Blog (Boys To The Bone (Tumblr)/Titzuki)
Marketplace (Boys To The Bone/Titzuki)
Flickr (Boys To The Bone/Titzuki)


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