Down The Rabbit Hole

I’m quite a fan of Alice In Wonderland. In fact, my second RL tattoo was based on American McGee’s Alice (and created by the fantastic utxg at Cock-a-Snook in Newcastle upon Tyne if you’re interested!) 
So when I noticed a destination in the SL Destination Guide called Alice Enchanted I had to visit. Although it’s quite a basic location compared with some of my recent destinations like FF2016 and the MadPea experiences, it’s still definitely worth a visit. Throughout the parcel you’ll see interpretations of the Alice story from various versions, including the Disney, Tim Burton and even American McGee’s creations. Although not quite as interactive as a story there are some beautiful twists and sections. 

So if you have 20 mins to spare then I can highly recommend popping over to see them! 

Alice Enchanted:




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