Space… The Final Frontier

As I’ve mentioned before, I regularly have a couple of different styles of parcels running at once. I recently changed my parcel in Sebastian and removed the Ethan Explores offices (I didn’t have many visitors). And was deciding what to do with it. Previously it had Liberty Rising, the location for my blog stories based around Bash Quandry’s space stations.

But (as I mentioned in my blog post about Bash’s amazing work), technology in SL has moved on and now we have mesh. One of Bash’s contemporaries (and someone who works closely with him) is Janey Suen at BBI (Black Bishop Innovation).

After seeing the updated mesh version of the Calliope being discussed in the BBI chat I decided to revisit. I liked the update and did buy one (I’ll be writing about it later). But today I wanted to talk about the Epsilon. This is a decent sized livable static spaceship with auto-rez functions throughout. It’s not available in the Marketplace but it’s right next to the entrance of the mainstore inworld.

It costs L$4499 and weighs in at 532 LI (unfurnished) and 791 LI (fully furnished), and with a 64x48m footprint, you’re going to need at least a 4096m parcel. But if you have one and are looking for a good RP spaceship then I can highly recommend this one! (And don’t worry – I will be covering the uniforms that I’m wearing in a later blog post too!)

BBI (Black Bishop Innovation)


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