Them and Us

Lots of parcels appear in the Second Life Destination Guide, and every so often I like to visit some of them. I noticed an art installation by Cica Ghost as I was flicking through this evening and thought that it looked interesting. Especially as some of the crowd appear to have a kyphosis (it’s rare to see part of my disability reflected in Second Life).

So I jumped onto the taxi and went to have a look. It’s a barren and desolate landscape over at Sky Atoll and reminded me somewhat of Tim Burton, Post-Apocalyptic and also Steampunk (three things that I actually rather like). Walking through the first small copse of sculptures (which are kind of like a cross between stalagmites, fingers and trees) you come to the crowd, what feels like hundreds of people facing a large UFO. It’s dark, atmospheric and a great example of the thought and feeling-provoking power of Art in Second Life.


Cica Ghost
Them Installation – SLURL
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These Are The Voyages

I mentioned previously my love of Black Bishop Innovation‘s static spaceship, the Epsilon. While buying the Epsilon I also bought a couple of shuttles. Well, I say shuttles, but the level of detail and intricacies that I love in the Epsilon are mirrored in the Calliope and the Sojourner.

Delta_FlyerThe Calliope is related to the Delta Flyer made famous in Star Trek: Voyager. I must admit that I found it very difficult to fly, but it looks great sat on the ground, waiting to be used. With its access ramp at the back, two small bunks, a multi-functional seating area (which seats 4),  the total number of seats is 10 plus the two bunks. As I said, I’m not currently using it for flying due to its bulk and difficulties flying it. But it’s sat on my parcel in Sebastian and you’re welcome to come and see it.

It’s the first item that I’ve bought which rezzes from a HUD rather than a rezbox. But even that HUD is breathtaking, allowing you to change the colour scheme, livery, and also the moving parts such as the nacelles, the ramp and even the built in shadow. And my favourite part? The HUD attaches to the top right corner, instead of the usual top left.

This really is one of those things (like all things BBI) that needs to be seen to be believed, so if you want to have a look for yourself, why not visit them in Forsetti?