Them and Us

Lots of parcels appear in the Second Life Destination Guide, and every so often I like to visit some of them. I noticed an art installation by Cica Ghost as I was flicking through this evening and thought that it looked interesting. Especially as some of the crowd appear to have a kyphosis (it’s rare to see part of my disability reflected in Second Life).

So I jumped onto the taxi and went to have a look. It’s a barren and desolate landscape over at Sky Atoll and reminded me somewhat of Tim Burton, Post-Apocalyptic and also Steampunk (three things that I actually rather like). Walking through the first small copse of sculptures (which are kind of like a cross between stalagmites, fingers and trees) you come to the crowd, what feels like hundreds of people facing a large UFO. It’s dark, atmospheric and a great example of the thought and feeling-provoking power of Art in Second Life.


Cica Ghost
Them Installation – SLURL
MarketPlace Store
Inworld Store


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