Five Essential Tools For SL

I really like this post from Hailey, highly recommended – and hopefully you’ll find it interesting too!

HaileyMarie Redrose

Being in Second Life for so long has allowed me to see how the world has progressed from its digital infancy to the complex and technical thing that it’s become, now.  Mesh has all-but-replaced the traditional SL avatar body, and an entire ecosystem of apparel and accessories has flourished in the wake of this paradigm shift.  In my travels as an SL resident, I’ve come to rely on 5 really handy tools for tackling challenges both great and small.



I don’t pretend to understand the technical side of it, but I do know that it’s a real pain when you sit down in a chair and your ankles roll back too far, leaving your feet sticking awkwardly into the air above.  It’s unsightly, unrealistic, and let’s face it…not very attractive!  Luckily you can find quite a few add-ons on Marketplace that can solve this problem…

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Eye of the Brocade Tiger

I popped across to the ‘Stuff Lounge for the first time in a long while today. I’ve been seeing Brocade Tiger around quite a few times and even bought a couple of the Scion Suits (the blue and brown versions) without realising where they came from.

I popped into the Brocade Tiger store in the ‘Stuff sim (it’s the only one that I’ve been able to find) and found a few new outfits that caught my eye. In particular – the Traveller suit (the first picture in the selection) is absolutely beautiful. So – if you have a few minutes spare (or want a suggestion to view on the Marketplace) then why not give Brocade Tiger a try..?)

Brocade Tiger:

Poses, props and backdrops came from Come Soon. (I found them through the MadPea SwagBags. – You can find them on the MarketPlace or inworld using this SLURL.)


And Relax

It’s been a busy couple of days here at Ethan Explores, so I’ve taken some time out to pamper and relax. So here I am – using another pose from Come Soon Poses (this one is the Pool pose for men).


But I thought this might be a good time to point out a few of the things that I’m usually found wearing as well. As I hope you know (because I posted about it* a while ago), I use the Steve mature skin from Unique Megastore. Thankfully, we don’t have to live with the awful feet that the standard avatar has, now that we have things like the Slink Feet.

I’m trying to keep my avatar as close to my RL self as possible so my hair is the Masaru Hair from Modulus and my beard is the Holt Beard from Muschi. And yes, there’s body hair there too – this one is the Lightly Hairy Body pack from Jaryth’s Barbershop.

My RL tattoos aren’t as extensive as my SL ones, but for SL I usually default to the Fn Tattoo by FashionNatic (you can find it in the Vesmos Outfit). My arms and legs are covered by the Crickets Tyler Tattoo, again – it’s found inside an out fit pack. And surprise surprise it’s in the Tyler Outfit!

And finally, it’s all well and good having a beautiful pool to relax in. But to really relax you need a nice, comfortable bathrobe to slip into, and while you’re at it, a good quality face pack and a couple of cucumbers to add that super-pampered feel. And look! [K]risti’s Closet has provided us with a fantastic Men’s Spa Collection for us to wear. So here’s hoping that you have a relaxing week. Take care of yourself.

(Almost all the links in this post are direct links to the Marketplace items, apart from the one marked with an asterisk.)


What Shu Looking At?

I’ve had a couple of Shu Mesh pieces for a while now, but never got round to visiting again. But while I was posing for the new Security Room yesterday I remembered that I meant to visit. So I made the time to go and visit and got myself a few new pieces.

Unfortunately, the pictures can’t do many of the creations justice as a number of them are animated with flashing, moving lights etc… Like many store is SL, they have loads of really great designs for women, but there’s still plenty for men too. It’s all Sci-fi and most of them have HUDs to allow you to change the style to suit your needs.

Shu Mesh:

Poses, props and backdrops came from Come Soon. (I found them through the MadPea SwagBags. – You can find them on the MarketPlace or inworld using this SLURL.)


All secure in the station

starland-security_004As I mentioned yesterday, one of the things that’s missing from the Starland Modular Space Station is a security room. So I’ve taken a few bits and pieces and thrown them together inside the SMSS Module A to make something up:


Cells: Isil Mobile Holding Cell – L$146
Monitor: . S C H W A C K ~ SciFi ~ Terminals Pack 1 – L$250 (with single prim attachment by Ethan)


Desk: MP Design – “Space” Line Heavy Desk – L$200 (NO COPY ITEM)
Chair: [:AT:] Scifi Chair – L$100
Monitors: Specian Heavy Industries Monitor Display Wall – L$250


Weapons Locker: . S C H W A C K ~ SciFi – Armory Pack 1 – L$250
Container: . S C H W A C K ~ SciFi – Armory Pack 1 – L$250

You’ll see a few examples from S C H A W C K – and there’s going to be even more to follow when I start setting up my Lab facilities too! In fact, there might even be room for a post all about them.


For Science! 

Isil Designs is a fantastic shop for a clean, futuristic look in your sci-fi creations. And Beth Delaunay is a charming, friendly and all around lovely person. I’ve been using her Callisto and Europa desks for a while now, as well as some of her other furniture. She’s just created a whole new set for the Arcade gatcha event and it is a thing of beauty (yes, the light shining off the computer screen is actually reflected!).

It’s called Science! and is a small research station that matches the same style as her other creations. There are 3 rares available in the set, and if you send them to her she’ll exchange them for copy/mod/no trans. It’s a fantastic little set, and I can highly recommend it. This is the first (and probably last) gatcha set that I’ll recommend, and that’s simply because I don’t do gatchas. But there was someone in the Isil chat who got my dander up, so I ended up buying it in the Marketplace.

I don’t regret it at all (especially as it gave me an excuse to buy this funky Science t-shirt from Dankest!), although I do hope that the gatcha fad runs its course soon, as I’m tired of being worried that I’m going to lose one of the items. Thankfully Beth has agreed to swap all three of the rares for Copy/No Transfer versions if you send them to her.

Isil Designs:
Inworld SLURL


There’s a Starland, Waiting in the Sky.

starland_019 I’ve tried a few different space station designers, from Bash Quandry’s (who’s announced that he’s returned to SL, so I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing stuff he’s going to be making with mesh…) Quandry Industries, through Black Bishop Innovation ♗, Exosphere and Isil Designs. But my visit to the SLSFF16 introduced me to the Starland Development Group.

The Starland Modular Space Station (made by Marcus Perry) is possibly the easiest customisable space station design that I’ve ever experienced. And – as it’s mesh – it’s absolutely beautiful. All you need to do is drop the HUD that you get with the starter pack and fill it with the additional modules, take it into your inventory, wear it and then you can click on the screens in each module to rez it exactly where it needs to be. The vertical hubs rez the next floor with ease, and it’s just a simple walk up or down stairs.

As for the rooms, they’re well made and cover a wide range of uses, with a Hangar, Cargo Bay, Power Reactor, a few different bunk rooms and private quarters as well as the Operations Centre and Briefing Room. Topped off with a beautiful Habitat Dome and a library that’s reminiscent of a few of the TARDIS expansions from HoO, Novatech and NLS, it’s a really nice space to move around in. The only things that are currently missing for me are a Security/Armoury area and a Science Bay (there’s a Medical Centre). But as there’s a choice of rooms in the Module A (found in the starter pack) and B sets it’s pretty easy to build your own.

Starland/MP Design:
SLURL Starland/MP Design


The Book of Daniel

I visited the Book of Daniel today, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it’s a small shopping area put together by some of SLs fantastic content creators in support of Daniel Estro who’s involved in Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads. Daniel has cancer and needs financial help for his treatment. The full story is available on a notecard that you can collect from the welcome area.

There are some beautiful things to buy, with donations going directly to Daniel and his partner. It’s running from 10th – 20th September and is well worth a visit. Even if there are very few mens clothes, the decor is beautiful.


From Risa to Q’onos – Sci-Faire, Sep 2016

sl-sci-fi-con_001The Sci-fi and Fantasy Faire 2016 was great fun, but lasted way too short a time. Thankfully, the organisers have organised another one, this one is pure Sci-fi though and filled with things to buy and RP groups galore!

It’s only open until the 11th – so get down there quick sharp! Here’s the SLURL



Take A Chance 

swagbag-sep_002I used to be subscribed to MyGeekbox, and used to enjoy the anticipation. Wondering what I was going to receive, it was like a birthday each month – excited about the “present” and looking to find out what I was going to get. But it started to become a little stale recently, with more DC and console game memorabilia and less Doctor Who and Marvel. So I’ve stopped it.

Just in time, MadPea (the people who brought us games like the Ghost Town, the Interview, UNIA, and even more games than you can shake a stick at – like the new Inca Treasure Hunt) have brought out a Second Life version especially for men! The new SwagBag might feel a little pricey at L$1500/month. But when you look at the quality and names in there it’s absolutely worth it!

Why not visit their website, view what’s on offer and jump on the SLURL?