Bagat Blogger Village 

Bagat_010I’ve been playing around with a largish parcel that I’ve recently bought in Bagat, when I realised what my SL passion was, (as well as writing Proud Ankylosaur to raise awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis)… I enjoy blogging about Second Life. (Which is a good job since I have this blog!)

But the problem with Second Life blogs is that they’re spread over multiple platforms, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr and self hosted options. I’ve struggled to find one central location for all of the talented writers. So I decided to make one. I’ve started building a smallholding with stores that can be used as offices as well as an arcade, market stalls and carts (for advertising from). We have a small Pub, public gardens and outdoor seating.


And I’m hoping that I can get some of the community to join me. So if you’re a Second Life Blogger without a space in-world to call your office, and you like the idea of a community of bloggers all wanting to help each other then please come down and see us! At the moment I’ve set out CasperLet rental boxes so that we can keep track of prim counts and the like, but they’re set at L$1/prim/week – I’m not trying to make money out of this, it was just the easiest way that I could think of sub-letting land.



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