There’s a Starland, Waiting in the Sky.

starland_019 I’ve tried a few different space station designers, from Bash Quandry’s (who’s announced that he’s returned to SL, so I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing stuff he’s going to be making with mesh…) Quandry Industries, through Black Bishop Innovation ♗, Exosphere and Isil Designs. But my visit to the SLSFF16 introduced me to the Starland Development Group.

The Starland Modular Space Station (made by Marcus Perry) is possibly the easiest customisable space station design that I’ve ever experienced. And – as it’s mesh – it’s absolutely beautiful. All you need to do is drop the HUD that you get with the starter pack and fill it with the additional modules, take it into your inventory, wear it and then you can click on the screens in each module to rez it exactly where it needs to be. The vertical hubs rez the next floor with ease, and it’s just a simple walk up or down stairs.

As for the rooms, they’re well made and cover a wide range of uses, with a Hangar, Cargo Bay, Power Reactor, a few different bunk rooms and private quarters as well as the Operations Centre and Briefing Room. Topped off with a beautiful Habitat Dome and a library that’s reminiscent of a few of the TARDIS expansions from HoO, Novatech and NLS, it’s a really nice space to move around in. The only things that are currently missing for me are a Security/Armoury area and a Science Bay (there’s a Medical Centre). But as there’s a choice of rooms in the Module A (found in the starter pack) and B sets it’s pretty easy to build your own.

Starland/MP Design:
SLURL Starland/MP Design


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