And Relax

It’s been a busy couple of days here at Ethan Explores, so I’ve taken some time out to pamper and relax. So here I am – using another pose from Come Soon Poses (this one is the Pool pose for men).


But I thought this might be a good time to point out a few of the things that I’m usually found wearing as well. As I hope you know (because I posted about it* a while ago), I use the Steve mature skin from Unique Megastore. Thankfully, we don’t have to live with the awful feet that the standard avatar has, now that we have things like the Slink Feet.

I’m trying to keep my avatar as close to my RL self as possible so my hair is the Masaru Hair from Modulus and my beard is the Holt Beard from Muschi. And yes, there’s body hair there too – this one is the Lightly Hairy Body pack from Jaryth’s Barbershop.

My RL tattoos aren’t as extensive as my SL ones, but for SL I usually default to the Fn Tattoo by FashionNatic (you can find it in the Vesmos Outfit). My arms and legs are covered by the Crickets Tyler Tattoo, again – it’s found inside an out fit pack. And surprise surprise it’s in the Tyler Outfit!

And finally, it’s all well and good having a beautiful pool to relax in. But to really relax you need a nice, comfortable bathrobe to slip into, and while you’re at it, a good quality face pack and a couple of cucumbers to add that super-pampered feel. And look! [K]risti’s Closet has provided us with a fantastic Men’s Spa Collection for us to wear. So here’s hoping that you have a relaxing week. Take care of yourself.

(Almost all the links in this post are direct links to the Marketplace items, apart from the one marked with an asterisk.)


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