Eye of the Brocade Tiger

I popped across to the ‘Stuff Lounge for the first time in a long while today. I’ve been seeing Brocade Tiger around quite a few times and even bought a couple of the Scion Suits (the blue and brown versions) without realising where they came from.

I popped into the Brocade Tiger store in the ‘Stuff sim (it’s the only one that I’ve been able to find) and found a few new outfits that caught my eye. In particular – the Traveller suit (the first picture in the selection) is absolutely beautiful. So – if you have a few minutes spare (or want a suggestion to view on the Marketplace) then why not give Brocade Tiger a try..?)

Brocade Tiger:

Poses, props and backdrops came from Come Soon. (I found them through the MadPea SwagBags. – You can find them on the MarketPlace or inworld using this SLURL.)


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