Five Essential Tools For SL

I really like this post from Hailey, highly recommended – and hopefully you’ll find it interesting too!

HaileyMarie Redrose

Being in Second Life for so long has allowed me to see how the world has progressed from its digital infancy to the complex and technical thing that it’s become, now.  Mesh has all-but-replaced the traditional SL avatar body, and an entire ecosystem of apparel and accessories has flourished in the wake of this paradigm shift.  In my travels as an SL resident, I’ve come to rely on 5 really handy tools for tackling challenges both great and small.



I don’t pretend to understand the technical side of it, but I do know that it’s a real pain when you sit down in a chair and your ankles roll back too far, leaving your feet sticking awkwardly into the air above.  It’s unsightly, unrealistic, and let’s face it…not very attractive!  Luckily you can find quite a few add-ons on Marketplace that can solve this problem…

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