Customer Service? Not in SL!

WARNING – This is a complaint about a clothes retailer in SL. The conclusion to it is, if you want to find good quality, cheap clothes and receive great service – go to AdN Designs instead!

brii-protest_001Back in May I wrote about Brii. I was impressed by Brianna Pass’ designs and her fantastic prices. I joined her group so that I could get updates and see when new male clothes were released. She sent out regular notifications, mostly for women, but every so often she’d send out an update for men.

Over the last couple of days her group hit 33,000 members and she (quite rightly) wanted to celebrate. So, for the last 24 hours I received three batches of notifications about the free gifts that were available. There was one notification for each gift. And each and every gift was for women. That’s thirty notifications in 24 hours, none of which were relevant to me. So I called this out in the group chat…

[16:06] Ethan leSabre (ethan.lesabre): Could I ask how many times we’re going to be spammed with the 33k members messages please? Especially as not a single one of the celebratory gifts are for men.

I received a reply from another group member informing me that there was an x button in chat if I wasn’t happy. So I replied: I’m fully aware of that USERNAME DELETED, however that’s the third batch of notices that I’ve had to x anywhere from 7-10 messages from Brii.

The same member of the group replied that Brii was the owner and that she could do it 10 times if she wants. I replied with what I thought was a fair and polite response: And we’re the customers, we can express an opinion. And notices line up while you’re offline, I would be fine with Messages in chat, but these are notifications.

At which point I was summarily kicked from the group. No warning, no discourse, just:

[16:14] Brianna Pass (brianna.passiflora): You have been ejected from ‘** Brii Underground Wear **’ by BRIANNA Passiflora.

The conversation from this point demonstrates the disdain that she shows towards her customers and is the point where I became more impolite (actual text “conversation” in bold):

[16:14] Ethan leSabre (ethan.lesabre): Ejected, for an opinion?
[16:14] Brianna Pass (brianna.passiflora): I’m **Brii Underground Wear** Designer. Send me your NC. Thank You !
[16:15] Brianna Pass (brianna.passiflora): I solved your problem
brii-protest_001[16:17] Ethan leSabre (ethan.lesabre): That’s fine by me. If you get the chance to review your payment history and can search for me you will find that I have spent quite a lot of money in your store in the past – hence why I joined your group. So you’ve also solved the problem of me deciding where to spend my L$. You could have, instead, maybe taken on board the feedback.

So, of course, I received a very reasoned and well considered response:

[16:17] Brianna Pass (brianna.passiflora): MUTED

To conclude, as I said at the start of this post – if you’re looking for cheap, well made, fun clothes – then Adabetha Nayl not only has a better range for men (240 pieces at the moment compared to Brii’s 113), but also doesn’t clog your notifications up with a million notices. So go to AdN Designs instead! đŸ™‚



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