A Quick Spot of Gardening

Just doing a spot of gardening in the side-garden of my new home (spring cleaning has expanded beyond the leSabre Press offices and even to my new home). It’s not quite finished but it’s definitely on its way. House (Detailed post to follow): Dust Bunny Willow Farm House. Plants and wooden path by Dysfunctionality Footpath by TDE Beehive and Garden wall by e-brink Garden Hose by %Percent Continue reading A Quick Spot of Gardening

100% Awesome

This is a post that I’ve been planning to write for way too long. You know those designers who just make an impact on you so much that you can remember what you first saw by them, as well as when and where? Well, one of those is Plato Novo. It was just after the tragedy of the Pulse Orlando attack and I was searching for the donation booth to put out for people. Looking through the MP listings I saw some dinky Orlando Sconces by a store called %Percent. Of course, I had to go and visit! And I … Continue reading 100% Awesome