About Ethan

Profile Pic_001Ethan leSabre has been visiting Second Life for nearly 10 years. In that time he’s had some limited attempts at running his own businesses (Earl Grey Tees, PRIMitive Creations and Flying the Flag) as well as a very unsuccessful Club (iD – Infinite Diversity) and an equally unsuccessful Mall using the same name.

His most successful forays into the grid have been his charity and awareness parcels. He ran the SL Aids Memorial Garden in Tethea for a number of years and now runs Proud Ankylosaur, with an in-world office and info centre in Ling to raise awareness. It’s linked to his blog of the same name. He’s also started a couple of other blogs to tie in with the time he spends in Second Life. Ethan Explores is a blog about life and fashion for men in SL with an office in Jsindo.

Liberty Alpha Station is a Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic setting in Sebastian. Alongside these sites he also runs a small hamlet set sometime in the mediaeval era, where he has managed to save a number of lost time-travellers and keeps them safe. If you’d like to visit Vile Chapel, just remember that the locals aren’t local and they’re more afraid of you that you are of them!

You can also visit his public home in Jsindo, next door to the leSabre Press Office. Feel free to make yourself comfortable!