About Ethan Explores

This blog is written from the viewpoint of Ethan leSabre, a Second Life Avatar of Ethan Kristopher-Hartley. Mr leSabre is nearly 10 years old in Second Life although he has had some periods of downtime.

Second Life is a fantastic tool for creativity, and it’s this that brings me back so often. Unfortunately, I’m not creative or skilled enough to be a builder or designer. However I am prepared to boost the economy by being a consumer. And this is where Ethan Explores comes in. It’s a record of my journeys around the world of Second Life.

There’ll be a selection of suggestions and reviews of stores, parcels and other things that I’ve found as I travel around the ever changing worlds of the imagination. The views expressed here are entirely my own. At the moment I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sponsor a post or pay me for any of my views. If this ever happens then I will notify you in the text of the article.

leSabre Press Sign
Ethan Explores is part of the leSabre Press group of blogs. leSabre Press is run entirely by Ethan leSabre. If you would like to know more about Ethan, or any of the blogs please feel free to message him inworld.

leSabre Press blogs:
Ethan Explores
Proud Ankylosaur
Liberty Alpha Station


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