Lounging Around


Just lounging around in the TV room, watching some Samantha Bee.

Ethan’s wearing:

SLink Male Physique
SLink Dynamic Hands
Soul – Uni Ears (Human)
Redgrave King Skin
Holt Beard by Muschi
Lock & Tuft – Ames hair
Platypus Ol’Time Rock & Roll outfit
Soy -. 10onz Pure Cotton Sofa


With Thanks to the Fallen Gods

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been looking for a good mature male skin. And I’ve found a couple (in case you missed it, I like the Steve and King skins). But I wasn’t enamoured with their sci-fi/fantasy potential. I’ve seen Fallen Gods Inc before (they created the breathtaking Delta at FF2016). I hadn’t considered them as an option because they were so high fantasy.

SLink & Fallen Gods 03

I have my default human avatar now though, and so the options for my fantasy looks are much less constrained. And that means I can enjoy myself!

I bought the Adam Mesh body last year when it was looking like classic avis were going to go the way of the dodo. But I couldn’t quite get into him, shapes didn’t work as dramatically as I was used to and the clothing options were quite limited. Sure, I had a huge amount of control over my alphas (which was a revelation), but the restrictions were just too big of a jump.

I’ve always used Android since back in the days of the G1. And I’ve always opted for the stock version. Always that is, apart from one hellish year when I used the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Touchwiz was beautiful, the phone looked great, but Samsung had locked down the options. And to update it I had to use their proprietary system Kies. Which meant plugging it into my computer.

That reminded me a lot of the Adam body and Omega appliers. I know that Omega isn’t proprietary, but it was still something in between me and the look that I wanted.

SLink & Fallen Gods 01But why did you choose Adam then? It wasn’t a whim, I looked at the main ones, Aesthetic, TMP, SLink and Adam. I couldn’t see myself in the Aesthetic body as it was too bulky. Every image I saw was of some big muscle bound bodybuilder type, and it just wasn’t my idea of the way I wanted to be seen. TMP seemed a bit too different with their hud and on comparison between SLink and Adam, Adam won out on proportions.

So my Adam body sat there in my inventory while I carried on with my classic avatar. I’ve been watching the mesh bodies for a while now, and while it’s clear that Aesthetic is winning the race, SLink and Belleza aren’t giving up just yet. I’ve been using the SLink feet for a long time, because no matter how much you try, the system ankles and feet are awful!

Now finally I’ve been trying out the SLink Mesh Body and playing with the skins and appliers from Fallen Gods Inc. And I must admit that it’s been great fun. The ease of the SLink appliers and range of clothing available have made my experimentation interesting (and a little expensive!)

So here are some of the looks that I’ve acquired over the last couple of weeks. And you might be pleased to hear that I’ve also been dusting off my old Adam avatar!


(Ethan is wearing clothing by <MK>, Gabriel and Fallen Gods in these pictures. Designers that he has discussed before, but not these specific outfits. The featured image is the standard SLink skin blended into his default Redgrave King avatar.)

ADAM Mesh Body:

SLink Mesh Body:

Fallen Gods Inc:



Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose Cropped

I’ve been trying to find the right shoes/boots for this outfit for ages and finally found that my legs work with mesh boots made for the Slink Hourglass shape. So here we go, The Vogue outfit by Champagne!

Ethan is wearing:
Vogue White Mesh Bodysuit by Champagne!
Hex Xtreme Platform Boots by .:SUGAR:. (No Alpha Provided by the way, if you’re a Classic AV)
Josh hair by Lock&Tuft @Cerberus Crossing (not in their MP Store)
Designer Tights Set 3 by Blackburns

And the pose scene is Show Boys from Come Soon Poses


Basic Bodies

LL Fantasy Pale WizardIt’s been a long while since I saw any of the SL bloggers discussing the basic Linden Labs created starter avatars. In fact, in one of the groups that I belong to there was a long discussion about even using a standard AV (as I think you all know, I like my standard AV, I find the mesh versions to be too idealised for my preferences.)

So here we go, I’ve tried on a bunch of the standard bodies so that you can see what they look like. It’s a heck of an improvement on the White Tee and Blue Jeans from back in the day… (And yes, the horse is actually part of the costume for the page riding the horse. It and the wings are ways that LL demonstrates Bento.)

If you want to give it a try yourself, just go to Me > Choose an Avatar in the menu (Standard Viewer). There’s plenty more to choose from, and they’re all actually quite low complexity too!


Beauty is skin deep.

Steve SkinI’ve been looking around for a suitable skin for a while now. I’m trying to make my SL avatar resemble my RL self more. But I’m in my late 30s, and as we all know, SL is geared towards an idealistic aesthetic.

I have however found a skin that I really like called Steve by Unique Megastore. It’s ideal for me as it has a few wrinkles without being too old, and the hairbases are peppered rather than grey. But it’s the only one that I’ve found to date.

Maybe it’s an untapped market? Or maybe not. Does anyone know what sort of market research skin designers do?

Unique Megastore_002Unique Megastore SLURL