Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung over at the leSabre Press Office and I’ve set out the first seasonal area in the main square. So please, feel free to pop over. But be careful of the bunnies, they’re only little and worried about being trodden on! And you never know, if I’m around, you might also get me as your waiter at the Diner!

(And don’t forget, although I haven’t posted on it for a while – the Proud Ankylosaur office is over there too, if you want to find out more about Ankylosing Spondylitis.)


The Future Looks Great 

You may remember my post about the BBI created Epsilon class ship. In the photos I mentioned that I would explain where I got the clothes from. Earlier this year Second Life ran a Charity Sci-fi Convention in aid of RFL. I visited it and found that one of the creators was Paxwerx. Mostly Paxwerx sells classic STO style ships, but for RFL they were selling Starfleet style uniforms.

I’ve visited the Marketplace store since then and found that they only did the classic style uniforms. I knew that the purple coloured uniforms were only available for the RFL event, but I assumed that I’d be able to get the others later. Thankfully, they’ve now extended the online range and even made some of their RFL outfits available! So head over and grab some great uniforms!

With Thanks to the Fallen Gods

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been looking for a good mature male skin. And I’ve found a couple (in case you missed it, I like the Steve and King skins). But I wasn’t enamoured with their sci-fi/fantasy potential. I’ve seen Fallen Gods Inc before (they created the breathtaking Delta at FF2016). I hadn’t considered them as an option because they were so high fantasy.

SLink & Fallen Gods 03

I have my default human avatar now though, and so the options for my fantasy looks are much less constrained. And that means I can enjoy myself!

I bought the Adam Mesh body last year when it was looking like classic avis were going to go the way of the dodo. But I couldn’t quite get into him, shapes didn’t work as dramatically as I was used to and the clothing options were quite limited. Sure, I had a huge amount of control over my alphas (which was a revelation), but the restrictions were just too big of a jump.

I’ve always used Android since back in the days of the G1. And I’ve always opted for the stock version. Always that is, apart from one hellish year when I used the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Touchwiz was beautiful, the phone looked great, but Samsung had locked down the options. And to update it I had to use their proprietary system Kies. Which meant plugging it into my computer.

That reminded me a lot of the Adam body and Omega appliers. I know that Omega isn’t proprietary, but it was still something in between me and the look that I wanted.

SLink & Fallen Gods 01But why did you choose Adam then? It wasn’t a whim, I looked at the main ones, Aesthetic, TMP, SLink and Adam. I couldn’t see myself in the Aesthetic body as it was too bulky. Every image I saw was of some big muscle bound bodybuilder type, and it just wasn’t my idea of the way I wanted to be seen. TMP seemed a bit too different with their hud and on comparison between SLink and Adam, Adam won out on proportions.

So my Adam body sat there in my inventory while I carried on with my classic avatar. I’ve been watching the mesh bodies for a while now, and while it’s clear that Aesthetic is winning the race, SLink and Belleza aren’t giving up just yet. I’ve been using the SLink feet for a long time, because no matter how much you try, the system ankles and feet are awful!

Now finally I’ve been trying out the SLink Mesh Body and playing with the skins and appliers from Fallen Gods Inc. And I must admit that it’s been great fun. The ease of the SLink appliers and range of clothing available have made my experimentation interesting (and a little expensive!)

So here are some of the looks that I’ve acquired over the last couple of weeks. And you might be pleased to hear that I’ve also been dusting off my old Adam avatar!


(Ethan is wearing clothing by <MK>, Gabriel and Fallen Gods in these pictures. Designers that he has discussed before, but not these specific outfits. The featured image is the standard SLink skin blended into his default Redgrave King avatar.)

ADAM Mesh Body:

SLink Mesh Body:

Fallen Gods Inc:



Sexy Boy

I rarely discuss the sensual side of SL, but I’ve been a fan of Mat Kungler for ages now and felt it was about time that I covered his creations. His clothing is primarily geared towards gay men (although he’s recently branched out into women’s clothing too).

I get a Tom of Finland vibe with some of his clothing, he creates hyper-sexualised clothing that (even when creating versions of femininity) leave the wearer feeling masculine and attractive.

He doesn’t appear to have a Marketplace store, but you can find his Blog here and his Flickr stream here. If you want to buy some of his clothes he has an Inworld Store (SLURL).


It’s been a while…

I just realised that it’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been playing around with the layout for my in-world presence (SLURL), as well as Proud Ankylosaur (SLURL) (my other blog). At the moment I’m using a lot of Dark Corporation buildings for an industrial look.

Nightfire Boardwalk_003But today I wanted to revisit the purpose of this blog, to explore Second Life and find interesting places to visit. Today I went to Nightfire Boardwalk (SLURL), it’s a beautiful parcel with gorgeous lighting and so many little details. Eileen Herrara has spent so much time on this parcel that it’s absolutely worth a visit.

Remember to have a proper wander around because it’s a huge parcel, and if you’re wanting a space to meet people in a space that has the feel of late summer/early autumn, this is definitely it. Plus she’s allowed people to rez their own items for 10 minutes, so you can even do your own photoshoots!





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draughtsman-square-whiteI visited Draughtsman today. It’s a new sales event focusing on architectural design in particular. There’s around 20-25 merchants in the event. I’ve taken quite a few pictures  but must admit not everything piqued my interest enough to buy.

If you want to go and have a look, then here’s the SLURL for Draughtsman (which I love – the sim is called Time Travel!)

So, what is there in the first round?

Details and SLURLs (my comments in italics):

One Décor – Wine & Beer Fatpack – LI57 total, L$1750 – I bought this, beautifully detailed set (and it includes the shabby cabin as well as the décor).
cheakypea – Wander Sofa Set – LI43 total, L$1050 (PG) L$1350 (Ad)
Wazzer Works – Industrial Set – LI17+ total, L$1050 (total, sold separately)
ninety (MP Link) – Tacos Place, LI35, L$250 total – I bought this as well, I don’t have anywhere to use it at the moment but I’m sure that I’ll find somewhere!
ionic – A Strange Day – LI9, L$400 – I didn’t buy these as I have a lot of sheds, these are very pretty though and only 9 LI!
Astralia – Victorian Greenhouse – LI30, L$299 – A detailed and beautiful build, I currently use the simpler Provincial Greenhouse by [DDD] but if I were to create a Victorian themed parcel then this would certainly be considered!
ChiC Buildings – Sunrise Beachhouse – LI86 (+extra for footpath & lighting), L$950 (+100) – I had high hopes for this one as it’s beautiful outside. Inside however I found to be quite plain, only one room and a really thin mezzanine. The doors were also very low for a tall Avi like me.
Meshworx – Rodeo Shop D – LI124, L$3200 – For quite a small floorplan on only two floors this feels like a high price and prim count. It’s beautifully detailed though.
epia – Downtown Bricks – LI46 (inc Doors), L$1250 – This is a rather simplistic store, single floor (although there are other floors, but only accessible by TP, with very low ceilings), not what I would usually expect from epia.

Sayo – Birdcage Gazebo – LI40, L$400 – A high LI for a gazebo, however detailed, I decided this one wasn’t for me.
Galland Homes – Hanover Barn – LI73, L$495 – I was really excited by this, thinking that it would be a home, unfortunately it’s a standard barn – again, beautifully constructed but a mezzanine or other use for the high ceiling would be nice.
Pillows – Tiny Little Home – LI??, L$300 – I tried to find the LI, but no ability to select the item in world (it’s in multiple parts) and no info at all on the signs, it’s a pretty and small build.
Stockholm&Lima – Community Table – LI9, L$300-L$1800 – I like, I tried to buy the basic version as Ethan Explores’ new parcel is in a G Rated sim, but it didn’t let me buy it. I’m going to have to pop to the store to grab a copy.
Violetility – Quaint Cottage – LI50, L$325 – Less a cottage and more of a large shed, this is a super detailed distressed building and I love the string light details…
Big Bully – Grid Pavillion – LI26 (inc Furniture), L$?? (the Buy Now item didn’t work) – this is a really interesting and unusual build and I really like the concept.
Panavia – Fagas Winter Trees – LI10, L$199 – It’s a (relatively high LI) tree, pretty, but I wouldn’t want to waste the extra prims that I could easily save. Then again, I don’t build woods.
Blue Sky – Propeller Set – LI Variable, L$ Varies – This is a gorgeous set. I really wanted to buy more but I couldn’t work out how it would fit in any of my aesthetics, so I just went for the coat rack and pictures. 😉
Newchurch – Alpha Industrial Dining Set – LI15, L$375 – It’s pretty, but too high an LI for what amounts to a picnic set with a screen in my opinion.


Menstuff Hunt Fall 2016 – Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, the last ever Menstuff hunt is running now until the end of November. I’ve been trying on some more of my hoard today and thought I should show you some more of the swag that you could grab for free or L$1!

I’ve carried on with using my Exposeur posing scenes as I really love them. If you’re interested, yesterday’ was The Elevator and today is Pipes. They don’t have an inworld store any more but you can still find them on the Marketplace.

So, without further ado… Here’s the next 10 items from the hunt:

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Store SLURLs:

Emerald Couture
DevilDesign (Marketplace Link)
sf Designs (rug by Caboodle from the Book of Daniel event.)
The Tahoma
Brocade Tiger
Hardcore Clothing
Island Swimwear


Menstuff Hunt Fall 2016 – Part 1

This month marks the last ever Menstuff hunt. So if you’re interested in going on a hunt where you know that everything is designed for men to wear then you’d better hurry up! I’m a bit late posting this (which is why I’ve opted for a short 10 item post today) – You’ve only got to the 30th November to complete it!

There’s a lot of different styles of jeans in this hunt, so if you’re looking to update your lower torso then I’m sure you’ll find something of interest! Don’t worry the tops covered too. In fact I thing you can completely redress your Avi with something that interest you more than twice over.

As always, the photos aren’t great quality, because I’m not a photographer and don’t have all the tools. But, despite the quality, if you’re still interested then head across to the Menstuff Hunt Hints website and get collecting!

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Store SLURLs:

Mirco Dinzeo
It’s Gau
D2T Designs
Vero Modero
A&A Designs
Arcadian Rapture



Hallowe’en Horror Story

halloween-horror-story_002MadPeas, the people who run the fantastic SwagBags and the Ghost Town made a little mini-game for Hallowe’en. And I have to tell you that it was really creepy. In particular the Children’s Bedroom scene (put your headphones on and make sure that you have the sound turned up) and the Bathroom with it’s surprise the genuinely had me squeak in shock!

It’s a really well made game, with beautiful scenes, fantastically laid out. You need to join the MadPea group – but believe me that’s worth a group slot. The chat alone is fun, friendly, irreverent and welcoming. You then pick up a HUD at the starting point which asks you a question at the start of each scene, this is to help decide what type of Hallowe’en Trope you are.

You’re looking for something that’s out of place in all the settings (apart from the Psych Ward – which is just sneaky!) The only clue I’ll give you is that I haven’t seen a TV anywhere apart from on the Psych Ward…

Anyway, you’ll be wanting some pics, so here you go!

And for anyone who’s interested, I came out as a Nerdy Geek, so of course, I had to dress appropriately!

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The Book of Daniel

I visited the Book of Daniel today, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it’s a small shopping area put together by some of SLs fantastic content creators in support of Daniel Estro who’s involved in Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads. Daniel has cancer and needs financial help for his treatment. The full story is available on a notecard that you can collect from the welcome area.

There are some beautiful things to buy, with donations going directly to Daniel and his partner. It’s running from 10th – 20th September and is well worth a visit. Even if there are very few mens clothes, the decor is beautiful.