Hallowe’en Horror Story

halloween-horror-story_002MadPeas, the people who run the fantastic SwagBags and the Ghost Town made a little mini-game for Hallowe’en. And I have to tell you that it was really creepy. In particular the Children’s Bedroom scene (put your headphones on and make sure that you have the sound turned up) and the Bathroom with it’s surprise the genuinely had me squeak in shock!

It’s a really well made game, with beautiful scenes, fantastically laid out. You need to join the MadPea group – but believe me that’s worth a group slot. The chat alone is fun, friendly, irreverent and welcoming. You then pick up a HUD at the starting point which asks you a question at the start of each scene, this is to help decide what type of Hallowe’en Trope you are.

You’re looking for something that’s out of place in all the settings (apart from the Psych Ward – which is just sneaky!) The only clue I’ll give you is that I haven’t seen a TV anywhere apart from on the Psych Ward…

Anyway, you’ll be wanting some pics, so here you go!

And for anyone who’s interested, I came out as a Nerdy Geek, so of course, I had to dress appropriately!

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This Town, Is Coming Like A Ghost Town

I visited a Ghost Town today. It’s been running since October last year and is a joint venture between MadPea and Firestorm Viewerto use as an introduction to new players. It’s quite dark and atmospheric, although you might want to play with your Environment Settings changed. I played using a Fixed Sky and the Funky Funky environment. But it’s always fun to just have a play around!

The story is quite self-explanatory, and you’ll be provided with an experience request for MadPea if you haven’t already given permissions in the past. If you have then you’ll get a new HUD attach itself to the top-left HUD slot and away you go. Basically, you’ve found your way to the last home of a serial killing fisherman called Big Jimmy. He killed 20 people and you’re going to play at being a ghostbuster.

Don’t worry about crossing the streams though, all you need to do is take a picture of them using your super, magic camera (which, for some unknown reason, pretends it’s a video camera). Once you’ve collected all 20 ghosts you’ll be given a key to the secret treasure room which has prizes by MadPea (obviously!), Sn@tch, LaPointe & BastChilde, Junk and more!


MadPea Ghost Town
Prizes (found in the Prize Room at the end!)

Ghost Town_009