Sexy Boy

I rarely discuss the sensual side of SL, but I’ve been a fan of Mat Kungler for ages now and felt it was about time that I covered his creations. His clothing is primarily geared towards gay men (although he’s recently branched out into women’s clothing too).

I get a Tom of Finland vibe with some of his clothing, he creates hyper-sexualised clothing that (even when creating versions of femininity) leave the wearer feeling masculine and attractive.

He doesn’t appear to have a Marketplace store, but you can find his Blog here and his Flickr stream here. If you want to buy some of his clothes he has an Inworld Store (SLURL).


I’m Not One To Skirt The Issue 

BTTB Titzuki_003
The Future Has No Gender

I touched on my opinions on gendered clothing back when I wrote about [sYs]. I was a Goth back in the mid 90s and have been gay for most of my life. This meant that I had quite a slap-dash attitude to gendered clothing. I used to wear skirts and dresses, make up and nail varnish. But I was never trans. I didn’t want to be a woman, nor did I want to look like one. I’ve never questioned my gender (I’m a cis-male and am fine with that).

I did however like the look and feel of skirts, I liked the way that make-up could accentuate or detract from my features. I described myself as a gay man in a dress. That was all there was to it. But even in these more open times this demographic isn’t really catered for. (Male clothing in general is extremely poorly catered for in SL, looking at the Marketplace today, out of the 1,715,885 items of gendered clothing available only 262,801 are for men. That’s just 15%!)

But today I found Boys To The Bone (by Jacques Valentine) and Titzuki (by Titzuki Yuitza). These guys have designed some fantastic clothes that cross that line perfectly, allowing me to dress my avatar in the clothes I want to without changing him into a female or making me into a femboy. It’s also meant that I’m starting to get a better idea about my character for Helior Prime.

I still like all the other stuff that I buy, I just like having the choice between suits, jeans, shorts and skirts. So, after buying a bunch of stuff and feeling quite sexy, I dusted off my Exposeur (don’t worry – I’ll be writing about them soon!) pose prop – Red Light Showcase – and pulled together a few photos of some of their work!

Boys To The Bone/Titzuki
Blog (Boys To The Bone (Tumblr)/Titzuki)
Marketplace (Boys To The Bone/Titzuki)
Flickr (Boys To The Bone/Titzuki)


Walpurgis, *Not* Vampire…

Master Coat_001I’m in the process of designing a character for Helior Prime, a new Sci-Fi RolePlay sim. It looks interesting, the Sim is beautiful and Sid (the lead GM) has been able to introduce a vampire based character class with a slight twist.

The Sim itself is an LGBT+ but straight-friendly site. I’ll keep you up to date with how I’m doing. But in the meantime, here’s my character peeking out of a tomb!


Checking The Pulse

Pulse Orlando

I visited the Pulse Fundraiser, a pop-up mall designed to raise funds for the victims and families of the Pulse tragedy (I wrote about my reaction to it, and about gay pride in general over on the Proud Ankylosaur blog). It looked like it was a full sim dedicated to stalls raising funds for the cause. Continue reading “Checking The Pulse”



I’m sorry for the delay in posting. It’s been a bit busy in my RL recently and I’ve been working on the Proud Ankylosaur blog. I wrote a piece to discuss my reaction to the fallout of the Pulse Orlando tragedy and then discovered that Second Pride had returned.

I visited the new site and must admit, I was more than a little surprised. Back when I ran the AIDS Memorial Garden I remember Second Pride. 6 sims filled with people, stores, the Names Project running a virtual AIDS Memorial Quilt, support groups and education. As well as entertainment, DJs, musicians and meetings. I found a couple of images from back in the day…

And now? Now I’ve found two sims, the Second Pride HQ (which I visited a couple of months ago and was waiting for the actual Pride Celebration to start before blogging about it), and Second Pride South, a square filled with the room for shops, with only 2/3 filled. A fairground was available and there’s an art gallery space but all in all I can only say: “How hath the mighty fallen?” Quite a bit I would say…

Second Pride:
Inworld SLURL