Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose Cropped

I’ve been trying to find the right shoes/boots for this outfit for ages and finally found that my legs work with mesh boots made for the Slink Hourglass shape. So here we go, The Vogue outfit by Champagne!

Ethan is wearing:
Vogue White Mesh Bodysuit by Champagne!
Hex Xtreme Platform Boots by .:SUGAR:. (No Alpha Provided by the way, if you’re a Classic AV)
Josh hair by Lock&Tuft @Cerberus Crossing (not in their MP Store)
Designer Tights Set 3 by Blackburns

And the pose scene is Show Boys from Come Soon Poses


A Bottle of Bubbly? Champagne!

I’ve always been a huge fan of some of the High Fashion designers, and one of my favourites was Champagne! I played in a VtM Role Play group a few years ago, and transposed one of my LARP characters across (Nathan leFleur, a Ventrue fashion designer who was often mistaken for a Toreador) and, in looking for wardrobe choices for him, I found Champagne!

Unfortunately, they no longer have an in world presence, but there’s still a good selection in the Marketplace and I can highly recommend them if you’re looking for something that’ll turn heads!