Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing you all the very best for the New Year from the new leSabre Press HQ in Demorgan (SLURL), where you can find the Ethan Explores & Proud Ankylosaur in-world sites, as well as Ethan’s home, and the re-starting of Liberty Alpha (which is still under construction). Expect a full tour over the coming days!

Ethan’s New Year Photo:
Background: Rama (SLURL) #Selfie – Yes You (MP)
Happy New Year (MP) from Diesel Works (MP Store)
{what next} (SLURL) Oversized Baubles (MP)
Madpea (SLURL) Fireworks (MP)

Clothing: Zibska (SLURL) Trifle Blazer, Trousers, Orbit & Shoulder (MP Store)
Costarlos (SLURL) Leather Sandals Black (MP Store)
Akini (SLURL) Black Glasses (MP)

Happy New Year 4 Chez Moi

Background: Chez Moi (SLURL) 2018 Photo Booth (MP) from Shop & Hop
Barnesworth Anubis [ba] (SLURL) Carraway Bungalow (MP) with Snow Kit

Clothing: <MK> Mat Kungler Atelier (SLURL) – Hoenir (Previous Post)


Zibska – High Fashion SL Style

Zibska_001The designers of Second Life regularly leave me in awe with their imagination and realism. But there’s another side to SL, where the imagination can be given free reign. Gravity can be optional, leaving artists and experimenters to play with ideas that they would never be able to create in the real world.

Zibska_002One designer who runs with this is Zib Scaggs, the owner of Zibska. She creates some beautiful clothes, which look very realistic. But then she lets her imagination fly free. With flowers, cubes and other designs orbiting the wearer, she creates beautiful and striking clothing for men and women.

With nearly 100 items for sale in the Men’s category as well as a wide selection of unisex items, there’s plenty to choose from. So, if you’re looking to turn heads as you walk into a room, I can highly recommend Zibska!

Inworld SLURL