New Year, New Home

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve consolidated all of my parcels into one. The leSabre Press area can be found further up Route 9 from the old site in Ling (where I’ve left a small stall for redirections).

I’ll have a tour of the new Proud Ankylosaur site and Ethan Explores space later (as I’m currently working on Liberty Rising and Liberty Alpha Station), but I wanted to give you a tour of my new home first.

Demorgan - Ethan's Home (CHI)The house itself is the Acorn Family House by CHI(T). With a small entrance hall leading to a spacious open plan living/dining/kitchen area, heading down the short corridor takes you past the laundry room to the garage and then out to the garden.

Back inside the house and upstairs, you’ll find my bedroom, with a small closet, the games room, bathroom and TV room. Stepping out of the games room or bathroom leads you to a small veranda overlooking the back garden. Jumping down into the garden and turning 180° leads into the garden store room. The garden has a large water feature with yoga mat, spacious seating area with barbecue and a small dance pavilion with stage.

Further storage can be found in the cellar, with a small door leading to the repurposed bunker, an underground bolt hole ready for the day when Mr Trump accidentally presses the wrong red button when ordering his coke…


Through the Keyhole

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now and just noticed that I’ve never actually taken you for a tour of my home in Jsindo. So here you go, this is where I escape to when I want a bit of quiet time.

The decor changes with the seasons, so at the moment, as May is Walk Your AS Off month, the balloons and changeable decor are in blues and oranges. Pop round later in the year as I celebrate hallowe’en by decorating the garden like nobody’s business!

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draughtsman-square-whiteI visited Draughtsman today. It’s a new sales event focusing on architectural design in particular. There’s around 20-25 merchants in the event. I’ve taken quite a few pictures  but must admit not everything piqued my interest enough to buy.

If you want to go and have a look, then here’s the SLURL for Draughtsman (which I love – the sim is called Time Travel!)

So, what is there in the first round?

Details and SLURLs (my comments in italics):

One Décor – Wine & Beer Fatpack – LI57 total, L$1750 – I bought this, beautifully detailed set (and it includes the shabby cabin as well as the décor).
cheakypea – Wander Sofa Set – LI43 total, L$1050 (PG) L$1350 (Ad)
Wazzer Works – Industrial Set – LI17+ total, L$1050 (total, sold separately)
ninety (MP Link) – Tacos Place, LI35, L$250 total – I bought this as well, I don’t have anywhere to use it at the moment but I’m sure that I’ll find somewhere!
ionic – A Strange Day – LI9, L$400 – I didn’t buy these as I have a lot of sheds, these are very pretty though and only 9 LI!
Astralia – Victorian Greenhouse – LI30, L$299 – A detailed and beautiful build, I currently use the simpler Provincial Greenhouse by [DDD] but if I were to create a Victorian themed parcel then this would certainly be considered!
ChiC Buildings – Sunrise Beachhouse – LI86 (+extra for footpath & lighting), L$950 (+100) – I had high hopes for this one as it’s beautiful outside. Inside however I found to be quite plain, only one room and a really thin mezzanine. The doors were also very low for a tall Avi like me.
Meshworx – Rodeo Shop D – LI124, L$3200 – For quite a small floorplan on only two floors this feels like a high price and prim count. It’s beautifully detailed though.
epia – Downtown Bricks – LI46 (inc Doors), L$1250 – This is a rather simplistic store, single floor (although there are other floors, but only accessible by TP, with very low ceilings), not what I would usually expect from epia.

Sayo – Birdcage Gazebo – LI40, L$400 – A high LI for a gazebo, however detailed, I decided this one wasn’t for me.
Galland Homes – Hanover Barn – LI73, L$495 – I was really excited by this, thinking that it would be a home, unfortunately it’s a standard barn – again, beautifully constructed but a mezzanine or other use for the high ceiling would be nice.
Pillows – Tiny Little Home – LI??, L$300 – I tried to find the LI, but no ability to select the item in world (it’s in multiple parts) and no info at all on the signs, it’s a pretty and small build.
Stockholm&Lima – Community Table – LI9, L$300-L$1800 – I like, I tried to buy the basic version as Ethan Explores’ new parcel is in a G Rated sim, but it didn’t let me buy it. I’m going to have to pop to the store to grab a copy.
Violetility – Quaint Cottage – LI50, L$325 – Less a cottage and more of a large shed, this is a super detailed distressed building and I love the string light details…
Big Bully – Grid Pavillion – LI26 (inc Furniture), L$?? (the Buy Now item didn’t work) – this is a really interesting and unusual build and I really like the concept.
Panavia – Fagas Winter Trees – LI10, L$199 – It’s a (relatively high LI) tree, pretty, but I wouldn’t want to waste the extra prims that I could easily save. Then again, I don’t build woods.
Blue Sky – Propeller Set – LI Variable, L$ Varies – This is a gorgeous set. I really wanted to buy more but I couldn’t work out how it would fit in any of my aesthetics, so I just went for the coat rack and pictures. 😉
Newchurch – Alpha Industrial Dining Set – LI15, L$375 – It’s pretty, but too high an LI for what amounts to a picnic set with a screen in my opinion.


Autumn Days

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The leaves, the weather (rain – I love the rain!) and Hallowe’en. This year I’ve been playing around a lot in my garden (feel free to visit if you want – you’re welcome to make use of the facilities!), and I think that I’ve made a good way to show off some of the best of SL. So here’s my standard garden:


Trees & Bushes:
Mesh Plants by Reid Parkin

Leaves, wooden pathways, Mountain Lodge home, and barn:
DDD – Dysfunctionality Designs

Garden Tool Shed
Velvet Whip & Ginger Line

TARDIS (6LI Mesh Prop)
Damaged Goods

Ante Flan


Land Of Nodd

I also set up a bonfire for the 5th of November and a Remembrance Day monument for 11th November and Remembrance Sunday.


Time to Deco(c)rate


Charmed Archway & Fence set by Raven Wood (LI13 & 2ea)


So, after the success of the SwagBagsMadPea have released another mystery crate. It’s the same price as the SwagBag (L$1,500 before release, L$3,000 after release) and it’s filled with great stuff from some of SL’s Top Designers.

This month’s theme was “November Rain” and the designers really ran away with the theme, designing everything from gazebos and umbrellas to set pieces and furniture to cuddle up and watch the rain through the window from. They’re all absolutely beautiful, however – one word of warning, quite a few of them will eat up your extra prim allowance that LL have provided us with!

Anyway, let’s get some links to the designers:

Cheeky Pea
[Schultz Bros.]
Ex Machina
Raven Wood
Second Spaces

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For Science! 

Isil Designs is a fantastic shop for a clean, futuristic look in your sci-fi creations. And Beth Delaunay is a charming, friendly and all around lovely person. I’ve been using her Callisto and Europa desks for a while now, as well as some of her other furniture. She’s just created a whole new set for the Arcade gatcha event and it is a thing of beauty (yes, the light shining off the computer screen is actually reflected!).

It’s called Science! and is a small research station that matches the same style as her other creations. There are 3 rares available in the set, and if you send them to her she’ll exchange them for copy/mod/no trans. It’s a fantastic little set, and I can highly recommend it. This is the first (and probably last) gatcha set that I’ll recommend, and that’s simply because I don’t do gatchas. But there was someone in the Isil chat who got my dander up, so I ended up buying it in the Marketplace.

I don’t regret it at all (especially as it gave me an excuse to buy this funky Science t-shirt from Dankest!), although I do hope that the gatcha fad runs its course soon, as I’m tired of being worried that I’m going to lose one of the items. Thankfully Beth has agreed to swap all three of the rares for Copy/No Transfer versions if you send them to her.

Isil Designs:
Inworld SLURL


There’s a Starland, Waiting in the Sky.

starland_019 I’ve tried a few different space station designers, from Bash Quandry’s (who’s announced that he’s returned to SL, so I’m looking forward to seeing what amazing stuff he’s going to be making with mesh…) Quandry Industries, through Black Bishop Innovation ♗, Exosphere and Isil Designs. But my visit to the SLSFF16 introduced me to the Starland Development Group.

The Starland Modular Space Station (made by Marcus Perry) is possibly the easiest customisable space station design that I’ve ever experienced. And – as it’s mesh – it’s absolutely beautiful. All you need to do is drop the HUD that you get with the starter pack and fill it with the additional modules, take it into your inventory, wear it and then you can click on the screens in each module to rez it exactly where it needs to be. The vertical hubs rez the next floor with ease, and it’s just a simple walk up or down stairs.

As for the rooms, they’re well made and cover a wide range of uses, with a Hangar, Cargo Bay, Power Reactor, a few different bunk rooms and private quarters as well as the Operations Centre and Briefing Room. Topped off with a beautiful Habitat Dome and a library that’s reminiscent of a few of the TARDIS expansions from HoO, Novatech and NLS, it’s a really nice space to move around in. The only things that are currently missing for me are a Security/Armoury area and a Science Bay (there’s a Medical Centre). But as there’s a choice of rooms in the Module A (found in the starter pack) and B sets it’s pretty easy to build your own.

Starland/MP Design:
SLURL Starland/MP Design


In A Quandry

I like to build parcels, it’s the main reason why I like Second Life. Although I can’t create (my talents don’t lend themselves to Blender, Photoshop or even anything more than basic prim manipulation), I still love to make things from the creations of others.

One thing that I often do is make a Sci-fi parcel. And when I do I usually turn to Bash Quandry’s creations. When I first saw them all those years ago I was in awe. And, although there’s been huge leaps in technology since, (yes, I’m looking at you mesh!) his creations still stand out as near perfect examples of old future tech.

Out of one tiny rez box flies a plethora of pieces that just look like unfinished parts. Until you see it, a huge space station with multiple decks. They’re all on a theme of round, but they have landing pads, docking bays (with working airlocks) and living pods. The bigger stations have hangars and areas that can rez different configurations to match your needs. All in a slightly distressed style that make you feel that it’s seen better days.

I have a few of his stations, and love spending the time decorating them. He hasn’t been around much recently, and I haven’t seen anything new from him. But I’m living in hope that he’ll come back soon!


Quandry Industries
Inworld SLURL


Not-so Dysfunctional Designs

Dysfunctionality DDD_002I posted about one of my favourite designers earlier, Chiana Oh. One of the things that I love about her is the way that she reduces the prim counts of her products to as low as possible. I can remember the days before sculpties and mesh, when you could just about manage to create and decorate a single room on a 512 parcel. And even then it was a stretch.

Dysfunctionality DDD_003
Vile Chapel Hamlet

These days it’s so much easier, and with designers like Anke Hatchuk (Dysfunctionality) it’s a pleasure to build a parcel. I recently bought a parcel in Vile Chapel and wondered what it was going to be. I’ve used some of the things that Anke makes quite a lot, but never as the primary decoration. That all changed after I visited the Dysfunctionality inworld store.

Vile Chapel is an indeterminate timeframe parcel. Not completely mediaeval, but with a definite slant. This was entirely due to the fact that I looked around Dysfunctionality and kept saying “that’s gorgeous, I have to have it!”

Considering the ridiculously low prims, low price and high quality, I really like the Vile Chapel hamlet. And I’ve moved a bunch of time travelling NPCs in there, just to smooth over the many anachronisms.Dysfunctionality DDD_001

Dysfunctionality designs:
Marketplace Store