Through the Keyhole

I’ve been writing this blog for a while now and just noticed that I’ve never actually taken you for a tour of my home in Jsindo. So here you go, this is where I escape to when I want a bit of quiet time.

The decor changes with the seasons, so at the moment, as May is Walk Your AS Off month, the balloons and changeable decor are in blues and oranges. Pop round later in the year as I celebrate hallowe’en by decorating the garden like nobody’s business!

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Gatcha Resale Room

Gatcha Resale_001

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of Gatchas – I’d rather buy what I want, when I want it. Every so often though, I give it a try. And I never seem to get what I really want. So I’ve set up a Gatcha Resale Room¬†on the Ethan Explores Marketsquare in Sebastian. At the Moment there are a couple of pieces from Apple Fall as well as some clothes from Gabriel. But I’m sure that more will find their way there.

I’m not trying to make money, just recoup losses – so they’ll always be sold for cost.

If An Apple Falls

I’ve seen a huge change in the landscape of Second Life over the years. As the population fluctuates and we see swathes of Abandoned land that takes months to go up for auction I think that many of us feel sad.

Apple-Fall-Logo-JPGBut then there are the changes to the quality of things that creators are making. From the smaller stores like By Chiana Oh! to the larger builders like Dysfunctionality Designs. And every time I see what they’ve created I’m just in awe. Thinking back to the days of prim only builds, the beautiful creations made by these talented people are amazing. Especially considering the tiny prim counts.

I’ve mentioned a couple before, but one that that really deserves to be discussed is Apple Fall by Warehousefifteendesigns. Apple is a UK designer and I was rather lucky to be able to chat to him a couple of months ago. He’s really friendly as well as being super talented. He creates loads of mesh bashed decor items as well as a few prefab buildings. My only frustration with his stores is the amount of Gatchas – but I’ve never been a fan of them. I’d rather pay more initially and know what I’m getting rather than hoping that I get what I want for a cheaper price.

Apple Fall: