The Book of Daniel

I visited the Book of Daniel today, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it’s a small shopping area put together by some of SLs fantastic content creators in support of Daniel Estro who’s involved in Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads. Daniel has cancer and needs financial help for his treatment. The full story is available on a notecard that you can collect from the welcome area.

There are some beautiful things to buy, with donations going directly to Daniel and his partner. It’s running from 10th – 20th September and is well worth a visit. Even if there are very few mens clothes, the decor is beautiful.


Take A Chance 

swagbag-sep_002I used to be subscribed to MyGeekbox, and used to enjoy the anticipation. Wondering what I was going to receive, it was like a birthday each month – excited about the “present” and looking to find out what I was going to get. But it started to become a little stale recently, with more DC and console game memorabilia and less Doctor Who and Marvel. So I’ve stopped it.

Just in time, MadPea (the people who brought us games like the Ghost Town, the Interview, UNIA, and even more games than you can shake a stick at – like the new Inca Treasure Hunt) have brought out a Second Life version especially for men! The new SwagBag might feel a little pricey at L$1500/month. But when you look at the quality and names in there it’s absolutely worth it!

Why not visit their website, view what’s on offer and jump on the SLURL?

Bagat Blogger Village 

Bagat_010I’ve been playing around with a largish parcel that I’ve recently bought in Bagat, when I realised what my SL passion was, (as well as writing Proud Ankylosaur to raise awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis)… I enjoy blogging about Second Life. (Which is a good job since I have this blog!)

But the problem with Second Life blogs is that they’re spread over multiple platforms, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr and self hosted options. I’ve struggled to find one central location for all of the talented writers. So I decided to make one. I’ve started building a smallholding with stores that can be used as offices as well as an arcade, market stalls and carts (for advertising from). We have a small Pub, public gardens and outdoor seating.


And I’m hoping that I can get some of the community to join me. So if you’re a Second Life Blogger without a space in-world to call your office, and you like the idea of a community of bloggers all wanting to help each other then please come down and see us! At the moment I’ve set out CasperLet rental boxes so that we can keep track of prim counts and the like, but they’re set at L$1/prim/week – I’m not trying to make money out of this, it was just the easiest way that I could think of sub-letting land.



Making a Decision at The Crossroads

Crossroads Title_001
I visited The Crossroads a couple of days ago and really liked the feel, with a post-apocalyptic feel it was extremely attractive and had some really big names there. (In fact, I only found it because of the DRD (Death Row Designs) group.)

So if you’re looking for a varied shopping experience in a beautifully built post-apocalyptic setting then get yourself down to The Crossroads – you’d better be quick though as it’s only open until 28 July!Crossroads


Gatcha Resale Room

Gatcha Resale_001

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of Gatchas – I’d rather buy what I want, when I want it. Every so often though, I give it a try. And I never seem to get what I really want. So I’ve set up a Gatcha Resale Room on the Ethan Explores Marketsquare in Sebastian. At the Moment there are a couple of pieces from Apple Fall as well as some clothes from Gabriel. But I’m sure that more will find their way there.

I’m not trying to make money, just recoup losses – so they’ll always be sold for cost.

If An Apple Falls

I’ve seen a huge change in the landscape of Second Life over the years. As the population fluctuates and we see swathes of Abandoned land that takes months to go up for auction I think that many of us feel sad.

Apple-Fall-Logo-JPGBut then there are the changes to the quality of things that creators are making. From the smaller stores like By Chiana Oh! to the larger builders like Dysfunctionality Designs. And every time I see what they’ve created I’m just in awe. Thinking back to the days of prim only builds, the beautiful creations made by these talented people are amazing. Especially considering the tiny prim counts.

I’ve mentioned a couple before, but one that that really deserves to be discussed is Apple Fall by Warehousefifteendesigns. Apple is a UK designer and I was rather lucky to be able to chat to him a couple of months ago. He’s really friendly as well as being super talented. He creates loads of mesh bashed decor items as well as a few prefab buildings. My only frustration with his stores is the amount of Gatchas – but I’ve never been a fan of them. I’d rather pay more initially and know what I’m getting rather than hoping that I get what I want for a cheaper price.

Apple Fall:

I’m Not One To Skirt The Issue 

BTTB Titzuki_003
The Future Has No Gender

I touched on my opinions on gendered clothing back when I wrote about [sYs]. I was a Goth back in the mid 90s and have been gay for most of my life. This meant that I had quite a slap-dash attitude to gendered clothing. I used to wear skirts and dresses, make up and nail varnish. But I was never trans. I didn’t want to be a woman, nor did I want to look like one. I’ve never questioned my gender (I’m a cis-male and am fine with that).

I did however like the look and feel of skirts, I liked the way that make-up could accentuate or detract from my features. I described myself as a gay man in a dress. That was all there was to it. But even in these more open times this demographic isn’t really catered for. (Male clothing in general is extremely poorly catered for in SL, looking at the Marketplace today, out of the 1,715,885 items of gendered clothing available only 262,801 are for men. That’s just 15%!)

But today I found Boys To The Bone (by Jacques Valentine) and Titzuki (by Titzuki Yuitza). These guys have designed some fantastic clothes that cross that line perfectly, allowing me to dress my avatar in the clothes I want to without changing him into a female or making me into a femboy. It’s also meant that I’m starting to get a better idea about my character for Helior Prime.

I still like all the other stuff that I buy, I just like having the choice between suits, jeans, shorts and skirts. So, after buying a bunch of stuff and feeling quite sexy, I dusted off my Exposeur (don’t worry – I’ll be writing about them soon!) pose prop – Red Light Showcase – and pulled together a few photos of some of their work!

Boys To The Bone/Titzuki
Blog (Boys To The Bone (Tumblr)/Titzuki)
Marketplace (Boys To The Bone/Titzuki)
Flickr (Boys To The Bone/Titzuki)


A Graves Situation

I’ve been a fan of Graves for quite a few years now, and I still wear their stuff. It was only while I was looking for some costumes for Helior Prime that I realised just how perfect it would be.

So I’ve dusted off my old outfits, had a bit of a play around with them (and you’ll see my new Helior Character making an appearance towards the bottom of the selection). With a definite Sci-fi and Cyber look, tied in with a slightly fetishistic feel thanks to the tight latex and leather, Jackie Graves shows just what an amazing job a great designer can do with simple default clothing and prim accessories.

Graves (Leather/Latex/Metal):
Inworld SLURL


It’s All Faire In Fantasy.

I decided to try out the Fantasy Faire as they had an interesting twist on the hunt. It’s a quest rather than a normal hunt. For a small donation to RFL (L$250 or L$350) you’re given a HUD, if you opt for the higher value pack then you also get a costume to wear.

quest-10The story is well written, with a few cutscenes. The HUD works well and you’re given gifts throughout the story. The only downsides I found were that the sims get quite busy at peak times causing some lag and the fact that the Warrior was changed to the Woodcutter.

The sims are beautiful and I’m definitely going to be revisiting them, even if just to look at the shops! On the subject of the shopping, the designers have pulled out all of the stops and created some beautiful items. Not just for selling. The hoard that’s waiting for you at the end of the quest is absolutely huge! One word of warning, like everything in Second Life, there’s a definite bias towards womenswear rather than the men.

But looking at the quality of the goods on offer, the things that are there more than make up for the number. And, as you can see from the images below, there are some beautiful items. (I’d say that there was at least 50+ gifts at the end of it and I’ve kept at least 60%-70% of them!)

In conclusion, do you want to donate to a good cause? Play an interesting fantasy HUD based game? Explore some of the most beautiful Sims in Second Life? Or walk away with hoards of swag? Well, Fantasy Faire 2016 is the place for you!

(This page will be updated as I revisit the individual sims):
Bright Haven
Fairelands Junction
Sapphire Mirror Lake
The Golden Delta
Tinker’s Hollow
Twilight Illusion


Gizza new outfit please.

GizzA_002I think that a lot of people will have heard of Gizza Creations. Giz Seorn designs some beautiful and practical clothes. She has an amazing eye and is clearly passionate about fashion.

With over 400 separates, outfits, and shoes GizzA has a fantastic selection that demonstrates some of the best techniques that merchants have used over the years to create realistic and covetable clothes.

Their ranges include casual, smart and smart casual clothing as well as some clothing that could be considered high fashion. For the people with less money available, Giz offers a huge range of free group gifts that are available for months. The group is free to join and absolutely worth every penny!

GizzA_001Why not pop down and see if there’s anything for you?

Inworld SLURL