It’s been a while…

I just realised that it’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been playing around with the layout for my in-world presence (SLURL), as well as Proud Ankylosaur (SLURL) (my other blog). At the moment I’m using a lot of Dark Corporation buildings for an industrial look.

Nightfire Boardwalk_003But today I wanted to revisit the purpose of this blog, to explore Second Life and find interesting places to visit. Today I went to Nightfire Boardwalk (SLURL), it’s a beautiful parcel with gorgeous lighting and so many little details. Eileen Herrara has spent so much time on this parcel that it’s absolutely worth a visit.

Remember to have a proper wander around because it’s a huge parcel, and if you’re wanting a space to meet people in a space that has the feel of late summer/early autumn, this is definitely it. Plus she’s allowed people to rez their own items for 10 minutes, so you can even do your own photoshoots!




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