Lucentia’s Looking Glass

Lucentia was another of the FF2016 lands that fell into the traditional fantasy style. Using perspective tricks and filler buildings in a similar way to DRD, Through The Looking Glass (who sponsored the sim) were able to make a village that felt busy, bustling and bigger on the inside.

With the stunning centrepiece of the jewel in the middle of the harbour and the little wooded areas to the side to sit in, it was a nice place to shop and relax. The classical style architecture made it feel more “real”, as if it could have existed in times gone by…


Welcome To An Otherworld

I have an admission to make, I only made one trip to Otherworld during FF2016. But it was absolutely worth it, a beautiful sim that gave a feeling of sci-fi and fantasy at the same time. As a dyed in the wool Whovian and a bit of a geek it was perfect. Dark stone counterpointed with the bio-luminescence of the flora, ancient structures that look aged to perfection. It was a beautiful, peaceful and serene place to visit the day that I went.


Reflections on Sapphire Mirror Lake

I tried to visit Sapphire Mirror Lake for a couple of FF2016 events, but both times my computer just fell over. So I ended up having to visit on a quiet time. The lake had another alien feel with plenty of colour. But this made me feel more like the old style Second Life, back in the days when we used standard prims to make pretty things.

The colours everywhere were eyecatching, on the thin border between tasteful and tasteless, beautiful and hideous. It was definitely memorable!


Dark Dangarnon

The statue of Cinderella kind of gave me the impression of what to expect from Dangarnon. A once beautiful town, picturesque and clearly a powerful port in years gone by. Now fallen on hard times, another part of the Faire Lands that just gave me goosebumps as I visited for FF2016. Here’s some of my pictures from it – and because of this I found DRD who I’m definitely going to be visiting in a future post!


Bright And Beautiful

The small town of Bright Haven was another sim in FF2016 that I absolutely loved as I wandered around it. With it’s gorgeous clock tower and bright, hopeful colours in an almost cartoonish style it just made me feel optimistic as soon as I saw it. The bunting was made of windmills that span in the breeze and the wide, open streets were a pleasure to walk around.


It’s Foggy on the Moor

Leaving the bright, open and welcoming streets during FF2016 one could visit the small town of Blackmoor. This was a darker, more atmospheric setting. With the pervasive fog and foreboding central crypt area this was definitely a place to give you the willies! But it had a beauty that Breeze and Bright Haven didn’t. Every footstep seemed to echo, every corner could bring forth a challenge as it was impossible to see what was ahead…


A beautiful sim? It’s a Breeze!

Continuing with my theme of the Fantasy Faire 2016, I’d like to look at Breeze. I have a feeling that it was probably influenced by Bree/Hobbiton. But the bright and colourful scheme felt almost cartoonish.

When I stepped in and saw the open festival tent with bunting and then turned to see the fish head fountain I knew that this was another special place. Further wandering introduced me to the hobbit holes that were being used by stores and the bunting strewn across the paths gave that festival feel even more oomph!


Echtra, It’s Not Just The Sound Of A Sneeze

When I arrived in Echtra and saw the rain falling through the rough wooden buildings I was wowed. It reminded me of Skyrim. But not just because it was a Viking inspired village, the quality of the buildings and the decor was amazing. It was another example of why the Fantasy Faire 2016 showed just what great designers can do in Second Life.

Built on a hill leading to the Mead Hall, the triangular buildings standing imposing on raised wooden platforms. Walking up the hill you walked past the statue of a little prince. Echtra had its own experience that was running alongside the main Faire quest. I didn’t take part, but I have a feeling that it was probably amazing. Mostly because the rest of the village was!

But they didn’t just create the village, walking down beyond the wooden walls there was a stone circle and beautiful waterfall too.

(Oh, and hedgehogs, I love the hedgehogs!)


I’m Feeling A Bit Hollow

For my third post about the Fantasy Faire 2016 I thought I’d visit Tinker’s Hollow. It had so much potential for me, theoretically it should have been my favourite sim. I absolutely adore the Alice in Wonderland tales, especially the darker side of them. (I even have a tattoo of American McGee’s Alice on my left forearm.)

And The Epic Toy Factory delivered a great sim. It was beautiful and dark with a whimsical feel, almost a cross between Alice and Wonka’s Chocolate Factory from Roald Dahl. All wrapped up in a fantastical Steampunk package.

But, like Twilight Illusion, it felt a bit like they’d tried to throw too much into it. Every piece was beautiful in its own right, and I’m going to visit the toy factory at some point in the future, but there was just so much there…